DKC Guests – Jesse Goldrich


In this exciting episode of “How to Make Money with Hard Money,” the dynamic duo of DKC Lending, your go-to experts in hard money lending, sit down with a true real estate maven and local entrepreneur, Jesse Goldrich. Join us as we delve into Jesse’s inspiring journey, gaining valuable insights into his successful ventures and investment strategies.

From humble beginnings to building a thriving real estate empire, Jesse Goldrich opens up about his early experiences in the industry. Discover how he navigated the challenges, overcame obstacles, and honed his skills to become a prominent figure in the local real estate scene.

During our captivating conversation, Jesse shares his expertise on various investment types and unveils the secrets behind his tried-and-true strategies. Learn how he identifies promising investment opportunities, assesses risk, and maximizes returns. Gain exclusive access to the mindset of a seasoned entrepreneur and discover how Jesse’s unique perspective shapes his approach to real estate investments.

As the two owners of DKC Lending skillfully extract valuable nuggets of wisdom from Jesse, listeners are treated to a wealth of practical advice, actionable tips, and inspirational stories. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the world of real estate, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you succeed.

Tune in to this engaging episode of “How to Make Money with Hard Money” as Jesse Goldrich and the DKC Lending team combine forces to share their collective knowledge, experience, and passion for real estate investment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and gain the tools you need to make your own mark in the world of hard money lending and real estate.