DKC Guests- Kristian Negroni


Welcome to another episode of “How to Make Money with Hard Money,” hosted by David Clemens, CEO of DKC Lending, and Caleb Delgado, Chief Sales Officer. Broadcasting from the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida, this podcast is your go-to source for expert advice on navigating the world of hard money lending.

In this episode, our hosts sit down with a distinguished guest, Kristian Negroni, Vice President of Commercial Lending for BayFirst. With an impressive 19-year track record, Negroni is a seasoned professional specializing in commercial lending, and helping clients achieve strategic financial success.

Join the conversation as they delve into the nuances of commercial lending, exploring the distinctions between traditional bank financing and the world of hard money lending. Discover the unique benefits of partnering with a local institution like BayFirst, and gain insights into the key role relationships play in the realm of real estate investing.

Uncover the secrets to success in real estate investing, from building strong relations to understanding the crucial dynamics that drive financial prosperity. If you’re passionate about making informed financial decisions and maximizing your real estate investments, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to “How to Make Money with Hard Money” for a wealth of knowledge that will empower your journey in the world of hard money lending.