How to access capital in tough markets?

It can be challenging for real estate investors to access investment capital in an environment of rising inflation, declining property values, and rising interest rates. Hard money loans secure investment capital for new investments or bridge to more stable market conditions. These short-term loans are excellent financial solutions for investors who borrow from a strongly capitalized and trusted lender that understands local real estate markets. Reputable lenders should have sufficient liquidity to help investors improve, resell, lease, or bridge their real estate investment properties.

Hard money loans help sophisticated investors beat rising inflation and declining property values in tough markets by providing private capital for real estate investment transactions compared to institutional capital lenders. We understand that rising inflation and declining property values create economic uncertainty. However, we also appreciate that while rising inflation may affect the availability and terms of conventional funding, hard money lenders can help refinance existing investment properties by providing exceptional value for investors who can utilize their real estate investments to secure new investment capital. We provide access to capital in tough markets.

How smart investors access capital in tough markets

Savvy real estate investors understand that hard money loans are well-suited for real estate investment transactions. Intelligent investors also understand that securing capital from conventional sources and, even more troubling, close transactions can be challenging. Unlike conventional lenders who utilize institutional capital based on the fed rate, hard money lenders utilize private capital for real estate investors who can secure investment properties without being overleveraged or unrealistically valued. Smart real estate investors understand how to buy investment properties by accessing capital from reputable hard money lenders.

Experienced investment property owners, flippers, and lessors know how to work with reputable hard money lenders that can provide capital in an uncertain economy and use their investment capital as a source for buying, improving, selling, or leasing properties in today’s market. Rising inflation and uncertain market conditions make hard money loans even more affordable than conventional financing. The costs of hard money loans are offset by the loan’s shorter duration and the resale value of the improved real estate property. We provide access to capital in tough markets.

How to access capital when lenders delay

Real estate investors know that inflation is causing interest rates to increase. However, they also understand that real estate investments remain a strong hedge against inflation and a viable source of new investment capital. Experienced real estate investors confidently fight today’s rising interest rates and declining asset values by accessing hard money capital for future investments or a bridge to more stable interest rates and property valuations. Smart real estate investors turn to hard money lenders to use their resources and hard money loans for new real estate investment acquisitions and more stable market conditions when other lenders delay.

Real estate investment borrowers can confidently work with hard money lenders aligned to providing real estate investment capital in tough markets. As the cost of conventional lending increases due to rising inflation and increasing fed rates, reputable hard money lenders help borrowers manage market uncertainties by closing deals with private capital. Reputable hard money lenders help borrowers act boldly under challenging markets with straightforward asset-based underwriting and fast closings.

While market uncertainties have affected the resale value of investment properties, the comparable real estate value of the collateral (single-family, multifamily, and commercial properties) still determines the value of a hard money loan. Real estate investment borrowers accessing private capital are emboldened by the understanding that their loans are primarily secured by real estate, not their creditworthiness. Astute borrowers work with stable, steady, and reputable hard money lenders who do not delay closing deals by accessing private capital in tough markets.

Why stress during brief periods of market uncertainties when as a competent real estate investor, you can access capital from hard money lenders that do not delay in tough markets? You can still secure your hard money loans by using real estate as collateral and keeping your financial profile in good standing. With hard money lending, prudent real estate investors close deals when everyone else is panicking. We provide access to capital in tough markets.

How to access capital when interest rates keep rising

As interest rates continue to rise and asset prices fall, prices in Florida are less volatile than in other U.S. markets. Challenging markets motivate experienced real estate investors to lean into adversity and close hard money loans for real estate investments. Despite rising inflation and settling real estate values, millions across the country see Florida as a desirable location to live and, for some, invest. However, can real estate investors beat inflation and access capital in tough markets? Yes! Experienced real estate investors beat inflation by buying right, borrowing smart, and working with reputable hard money lenders who access capital for real estate investments and the steady demand for residential housing in Florida.

During times of rising inflation, smart real estate investors invest in real estate to balance higher-risk investments in stocks, bonds, and toxic. Rational real estate investors pick hard money lenders who can access private capital in tough markets. These real estate investors financially structure their deals for multiple reselling opportunities like sales and short and long-term rentals. Over the long term, investment properties have been shown to keep pace with inflation as an appreciating asset…only if investors work with hard money lenders who can access capital and close deals in tough markets. We provide access to capital in tough markets.

How to access private capital  

Private capital significantly differs from institutional capital. Hard money lenders that access private capital provide loans with terms that vary depending on the lender. However, not every lender knows how to access private capital, underwrite the deals, mitigate market uncertainties, and close deals. Hard money loans differ substantially from conventional loans in terms of the loan term, speed of financing, interest rate, and credit requirements. Hard money loans that access private capital can be obtained in a matter of days and have short payback terms ranging from six months to a year. We provide access to capital in tough markets.  

Why DKC Lending?

DKC Lending offers hard money lending services to real estate investors in Tampa, Jacksonville, other Florida cities, and select cities throughout the United States. We provide borrowers with personalized loan origination services and funding. DKC is direct to lender, which allows us to match the borrowers’ hard money loan needs with the best source of funding for their deal. Our real estate development experience allows us to offer our borrowers a unique collaboration on every loan. We offer a high level of individual consulting, including a review of deal analytics, rehab budgets, refinancing parameters, and deal viability. DKC has a proven track record of successful underwriting and closing deals and brings an extensive real estate development background and expertise to help guide borrowers on each unique transaction. We provide access to capital in tough markets.