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New Construction loans FLorida: Our New Construction Loan is a short-term loan used to finance the construction of a single family home or multi-family asset. We offer a customizable, builder friendly draw schedules, featuring up to 7 draws. Pledge the land as collateral and get financing on the construction! Builder experience required.

LTV: Funding up to 100% of the Construction Cost
Funding up to 50% of the land cost, and 70% of the Construction Cost
Term: 8 Months-12 Months

Rate: 10-13% Interest Only Payments
Origination Fee: 4-6%

Customizable Construction Draw Schedules!

Why Dkc Lending for New Construction Loans in Tampa?

FAQs for New Construction Loans

 New Construction Loans are short-term loans used to finance the new construction of a single-family home or multi-family residential asset.

We offer customizable, builder-friendly draw schedules, that can feature 1- 7 draws depending on the size of the project. Borrowers pledge the land as collateral and get financing on the construction! Builder experience required.

Yes, if there is a Licensed Contractor & partner with experience involved in the transaction that is willing to guarantee the loan. Builder experience required.

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Typically builders will close on the new construction loan once they are ready to start the actual construction. This means the plans have been approved, and the permit has been issued by the city. Additionally, material orders are complete, and the project is ready to commence.

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